Licensing our music


Most of our songs we represent both the master and the publishing.
This should make it easier to license our songs for both you and me. 
The rest of the page will help you request the tracks you want.
If you want it even easier we also have submission forms in a drop down menu on the left

To Request a License for a Record Compilation

Title of the Project

Title of the Song(s) 


Song Writer(s)

Number of Tracks on your finished project

Titles and Artist of other Tracks on the project 

Name of Record Company Releasing the Record

Configuration (CD, Album, Vinyl,Digital)

Price of the Finished Product 

Term (how long you want the license)

Territory (North America, World wide)

Release Date

To Request a License for a Film or TV project include

The Title of the Project

Synopis of the Project 

The Use of the Track (is it a background vocal, visual vocal or source cue)

Where the song is going to be placed

Title of the Song(s)


The Song Writer(s)

Time of Use

If the track will be over Titles at the beginning or end of the Project

Terms (how long you want the license)

Media (TV, Theater, Video, DVD Web etc.)

Territory (North America, World wide)


Always include your Name, Your Company Name and Contact Address, email, Fax and Phone Number

If you have any questions please contact us.

It isn't as hard as it looks..... really


We have song great singer songwriters take a look at the artists pages

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