Happy Christmas (Track 3)


Born to an all things musical family in Cavan, Ireland, John realized at an early age that music would become his catalyst for life. Coming to America, John arrived with a bunch of songs and a biography of Woody Guthrie. Inspired by his day to day, John celebrates his musical talent as a full time award winning songwriter & musician, living in Brooklyn, NY. He specializes in up-tempo, honest, often raw, uncensored image songs. His writing offers a unique perspective on the human condition, never shying away from unpleasant or awkward themes, while having a great natural melodic and rhythmic feel. The lyrical content often encompasses the depth and complexity of life and issues such as spirituality, relationships and mortality.  John’s 'Happy Christmas' deftly and tastefully summarizes all the key elements of the everlasting Christmas story into one slice of hooky-pop music.  The shepherds and angels, Mary and Joseph, Herod and the wise men are all included with a joyful splash of Happy Christmas joy.


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