"Whiskey For Christmas" (Track 5)  
We represent Kyf and Barleyjuice for Master and Publishing licenses so if you are interested in any of their songs pleace contact us and we'll take care of it.


Kyf  Brewer is a singer/songwriter and lead singer of the Celtic Rock band, Barleyjuice based out of Philadelphia. Barleyjuice was born out of Rock and Roll, reared on British Invasion, Country Western and Progressive Rock, and landed somewhere in the North Channel with a penchant for all things Celtic. Kyf writes and sings for Barleyjuice, as he did previously for Company of Wolves, and before that The Ravyns. His whiskey-soaked vocal nodules have been exploited for everything from VH1's Before They Were Rock Stars to Dodge commercials, and he can be spotted with the un-kilted eye in such cult films as Serial Mom and Fahrenheit 911 as well as playing a cop in NBC's Homicide and a sleazy photographer in CBS' Hack. Never really any good at holding down a steady job, Brewer occasionally pipes with the Loch Rannoch Pipes & Drums, and joined them in the Millenium Pipes March on Edinburgh, Scotland for Prince Charlie's Marie Curie Foundation. He lends us his terrific original song, ‘Whiskey for Chirstmas’ for this cd, which we find is the catchiest and, sexiest, tune on the album.  Kyf wants fans to know that his favorite color is plaid and to please refrain from tossing haggis at him onstage, as it can be quite slippery.


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