"Silent Night" (track 8)


The Celtic Tenors came together in Ireland in 1995 and since then have established themselves as the most successful classical crossover artists ever to emerge from Ireland. The group is composed of Matthew Gilsenan, James Nelson and Daryl Simpson. In 2000, they were signed to EMI worldwide and they have recorded several albums since then. 

The Celtic Tenors continue to " the Irish Tenor idiom" said composer Phil Coulter, who wrote the song ‘Remember Me’ specifically for the guys.  They pioneer a new style of cool never before seen on the classical stage and break the traditional stuffy tenor mould.
While each of The Celtic Tenors have been influenced by the musical traditions from their own individual parts of Ireland, Daryl, James and Matthew show great flexibility in melding their voices to suit the appropriate classical, folk, Irish and pop genres. They were presented with the "Echo Award" in Germany for "Classical without Boundaries" in recognition of this fact.

With a total album sales worldwide of over one million, and a full international touring schedule, The Celtic Tenors have topped the charts in the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK and Ireland. We are welcome their rendition of the most popular Christmas song of all time on our album, ‘Silent Night’.

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